High Production Capacity

Ardent Group was founded in 1979 with production of PE granules and in 1995 started with irrigation products. Its continuous development, highly educated team and having up to date technology makes it offers excellent services to their clients. Now Ardent Group export to more than 20 More


Large volume of exports

The strong presence of Ardent in the Turkish market along with highly trained professionals and the gained know- how, based long years of experience makes it easy to supply comprehensive services, knowledge, expertise to the global markets.Starting from system layout, technical drawing....More


Implementation of projects

During the last decades Ardent has become one of the leading in providing turnkey projects. Its continuous growth makes it easy to develop and provide turnkey projects in agricultural and other related topics like Haydroponics, Green Houses and Civil works. Ardent ensures to supply high quality related ...More



HDPE Pipes

PE pipes are used in water feeding and in irrigation networks, water distribution networks ..

Sprinkker Systems

Manufactured to meet the client needs in term of cost effective and wide range of produ..

Drip lrrigation Pipes

LDPE Lrrigation pipes (UV stabilized)

LDPE irrigation pipes are manufactured to meet customers' needs for drip irrigation systems. They are produced w..